Ambient Jam Is


A multi-sensory movement theatre, live music, improvisation Ensemble.

Leads by and places value on the senses and uncertainty.

A sense response to people, space, environment and architecture.

Both dynamic and subtle.


Ambient Jam emerges from

A cross-generational ensemble interconnected through different able ways.

A protected space.

A haven of relationships, gossip and ‘deep hanging out’.

Attention to process and experimentation.

Attention to data within seemingly insignificant moments.

An investigation into sensory relational landscapes

Creating art through long term association; nurturing the accumulation of experience, in the act of doing, over time.



 Ambient Jam art develops into

Public artistic events and encounters forged through complexity of membership; a membership that can robustly surface in public spaces, taking creative risks, due to the authenticity of relationships.

A wider ensemble with porous edges, held by an experienced core team, where anyone can be a member within an event.


Ambient jam is

A think –tank which advocates that thinking can be sensory, emotional and kinaesthetic.

How this in turn might enhance traditional, verbal or classical approaches to thinking.

CPD for artists working across disciplines within participatory arts, or within their own work.

Provides an opportunity for artists to let go of outcomes and methodologies, returning to core self for creative impulse, letting in new ideas.


Ambient Jam enables

Fast from slow


Something from nothing

Hones intricate listening and response.

Amplifies the minutiae…..


……whilst drawing on the whole context and beyond


A liminal space.

A place of courage.

A commitment to bringing nature into the city.

A wild space…


A tonic for the nervous system

Like coming home